AC Coil – Replace or Maintenance?

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Air Conditioning Coil – Replace or Maintenance?

Hello.  Im Stephen and Im a master technician with Heating Repair Houston.  We keep getting the question out here:  Should I replace my indoor air conditioning coil (aka evaperator coil) or should I just get maintenance service to the ac coil?

Well, there are a few factors when considering when to maintenance or replace your indoor air conditioning coil.   The first question you should always ask yourself is: How old is the coil itself?  If you don’t know how old the ac coil Is it is always recommended to have a HVAC Service Professional come in and take a look at it for you to determine whether it will benefit you to remove the ac coil or replace it all together.  Remember, with a proper indoor ac coil cleaning a technician will remove the ac coil physically from the indoor unit all together and bring it outside and give it a chemical bath.  This method is always beneficial when the ac coil is actually in good enough shape to take the chemicals and the actual move to the outside and back where it was sitting before.  Years of rust buildup on the ac coil will put it at risk of damaging the ac coil to the point of no return.

Always replace the ac coil if rust damage is bad enough where moving the ac coil physically will potentially cause more damage than good.

Air Conditioning Cleaning / Maintenance on a indoor ac coil and outdoor ac coil is completely beneficial when the actual ac coils are in good shape.  Remember with air conditioning: AIR FLOW IS EVERYTHING!

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